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Quick Tips

​*Before you start looking at venues it is important to sit down with your fiancé & discuss your overall vision for the day. Some couples prefer a quiet sit down dinner with close fiends & family. Others want a raging party. It's important that you choose a venue that fits your expectations. If you want a crazy party, don't pick the venue in the residential neighborhood that closes at 7:30pm. 

*Getting a rewards card with cash back or sky miles to pay wedding vendors can make you rack up a lot of points very quickly & can even pay for your entire honeymoon. Be careful though, most of these lines of credit come with high interest rates so it is important to pay them off quickly. 

*Hiring a friend to be a vendor may sound like you are getting a great deal. Unfortunately, these are usually people with little or no experience & will add a lot of additional stress on you, them & the other vendors. We understand that it may feel more natural to trust a friend, but that could also be very dangerous if they are inexperienced. If vendors that do this all the time express their concerns, it's usually for good reason. It would be in your best interest to at least hear them out so you can make educated decisions. 

*You can sometimes save money on things by "sharing" with the other couple getting married at your venue on consecutive day(s). If we can leave the items at your venue it saves us the overhead of additional labor of setting up & tearing down the same space over & over. We wouldn't recommend doing this with something like soiled linens, but a lot of things like tables, chairs, market lights, & space heaters are perfectly fine leaving at a venue overnight for the next couple. Depending on the item, you are looking at a savings of around 20%. 

*It's important to approach hiring vendors the same way you would approach building a team. You may have the best DJ & the best photographer but if they don't play well together your event is not living up to it's full potential. To save time, you can just ask any of your current vendors who they prefer working with, they will gladly tell you. Most even have a "Preferred Vendors" section on their website. 

*I'm sorry to be the one to tell you this but, there is no such thing as a "Day Of Coordinator". You've been planning for months. You've invested thousands of dollars. You are looking out the tunnel ready to run into the Superbowl of weddings & then you hand the ball over to a quarterback who doesn't know the team or the plays. It is a recipe for disaster. Please note: the term "Day Of" can have a different meaning from vendor to vendor. Some people will sell a "Day Of" package & it is really "Month Of". I know, we're confused too. Make sure to clarify what is actually included in their services before you lock it in. 

*When creating your layout there are a few things to keep in mind. You do not want tables in between the speakers & the dance floor. The volume on the dance floor will be too low all night & your poor guests sitting in the way will have ringing ears for days. Also keep in mind seating older guests next to the dance floor or speakers can be uncomfortable for them. Although, we have also seen grandparents out-dance friends from college, in those cases feel free to ignore our previous sentence :)

*When selecting your order of toasts, try to start with the most timid person first & work your way up to the most outgoing. That way someone who may not be comfortable with public speaking doesn't get even more nervous because they have to follow your cousin who happens to be a professional standup comedian.

*We recommend setting the time on your invitation to 30 minutes prior to when you actually intend on walking down the isle. This 30 minutes is called the prelude to the ceremony. It gives your guests enough time to find the venue, park, & catch up with your other guests prior to the start of your ceremony & you have a much better chance of starting on time as well as avoiding any distracting late arrivals mid ceremony.